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Thank You To Everyone!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our exhibitors, visitors and speakers. Nothing we do can be done without your support. We saw an outstanding array of speakers, once again a brilliant selection of exhibitors, and of course great quality visitors. Hope to see you all at SMMEX 2018!


Kazachok Licensing Forum, Save The Date!

Save the date! The 14th edition of the Kazachok Licensing Forum will take place on the 19th and 20th April 2017.

Let’s meet in Paris at the Paris Event Center
The amazing location will host the event for the 3rd year in a row!  The space concept will remain just as spectacular with the huge lit up structures to offer ever more visibility to brands, which is the fair’s core aim.  Be prepared to be dazzled!

A tradeshow that emphasizes exchange and value-creation
Over the past 15 years Kazachok has succeeded in creating events that enable different branches of the industry to share and maximize their mutual interest for licensing.

Kazachok Licensing Forum’s goal is to allow participants to understand and use licensing whatever their importance and financial means may be. Everything is organised to help exhibitors and visitors to meet and exchange. At Kazachok Licensing Forum networking takes on a whole new dimension, we go out of our way to ensure that everyone finds the suitable contact, client, licensee, rights holder or partner to develop new business opportunities. 

Food and licensing: this year’s topic for the Trends Corner
Each year we select novelties that can interest our visitors and exhibitors.

The Trends Corner is a space dedicated to showcasing licensed products based on a specific theme selected depending on market trends. In 2017, the Trends Corner will be colorful and mouthwatering, a display of licensed food products as an example of how licensing can be a growth engine for mass-market products, particularly food.  

Some of the exhibitors: The Pokémon Company, TF1 Licences, France TV Distribution, Mediatoon, Rainbow, Toei Animation, Nelvana Enterprises, Smiley, Hasbro, Mattel Brands, Warners Bros. CP, CPLG, Nickelodeon Viacom, The Licensing Company, Studio 100, Viz Media Europe, Cyber Group Studios, M6 Licences, Biplano, Studiocanal, Universal Studios CP… and many more

In 2017, we are renewing the PR promotion ‘The very first time’ by offering a free entrance to people who never entered the world of brands and licensing during the Kazachok Licensing Forum. Go on and use the code KLF_PREMIERE

Contact: +33 (0)1 55 95 00 23


Read more about SMMEX 2017 Speaker John Booth

John Booth, Managing Director of Sports Global UK Ltd and owner (FTD) will be joining our SMMEX 2017 line-up.

John has been involved in sport for over 25 years. He has recently been consultant director at Port Vale. John set up FTD with former partner, George Moss in 2007 and acquired 100% ownership recently. Previously John was general manager at Preston North End and Commercial manager at Stoke City spanning 12 years.

John says: 'We aim to provide a cost effective service to enhance any football business in the UK and the breadth of our client base is testimony to our ability to deliver whatever the task.'

John will be speaking at SMMEX, the title of his session will be: ‘Why is Football Such a Unique Business? Troubleshooting for the Next Generation’. 

In Japenese, 'Shinise' means long-lived companies and it's characteristics have a lot in common with football - they are small, family run and focus on central beliefs and credo not solely tied to making a profit. Uniquely for a leading 'Western' economy, Japan has over 20,000 companies over 100 years old - and the oldest company anywhere in the world dating back to 705 - a hotel called Nissiyama Onsen Keiunkan. 

The very nature of Shinese means these companies avoid the norm of most business models which see companies merge, take over or get put under by better products or rivals. John believes this term could have been invented for football so he will look at why 'getting football' is not as easy as it seems and some of the commercial imperatives going forward.


Eti Nachum the founder of Blogs Release, a content sharing platform for bloggers worldwide, has written a fascinating article on Sports Marketing with influencers: The next big thing?  Take a read here and be sure to check them out at

Sports marketing is on the cusp of a boom in 2017, as recent campaigns have shown brands are not afraid to reach out to non-traditional forms of advertising to engage the millennial consumer. The days of banking on David Beckham are - sadly - in the past. So, how are these brands and organizations doing it?


One interesting strategy was PUMA’s event for the Volvo Ocean Race, in which 10 bloggers in different non-sports fields (such as lifestyle and fashion) were invited to Abu Dhabi to cover the event. These bloggers were particularly influential on photo-friendly platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. Knowing this, PUMA took full advantage and offered the influencers a full tour of the country, the boats, and of course, the parties. Each image shared by the influencers (including links and unique hashtags offered by PUMA) garnered thousands of likes. By focusing on different kinds of influencers, PUMA’s out of the box strategy succeeded in reaching new consumers.


A less flashy but more targeted effort banking on influencers was Adidas’ #RunMore campaign in Canada, which saw the creation of a digital platform/hub for urban runners, offering new and interesting running routes in the major cities. As part of the initiative, Adidas targeted lifestyle, health, and fitness influencers for sponsored content.


These are just a few very different examples of how sports brands are using influencer marketing - showcasing the diverse options of this outreach method. The word of mouth capabilities and authentic content from influencers are sure to become key tools for sports marketers going forward in 2017.


Learn more about innovative sports marketing techniques at the SMMEX Event on 6 March at Wembley Stadium, London.



Are you interested in launching your campaign with bloggers? BlogsRelease is a #1 PR marketplace for brands to post blogger review campaigns for products, events, and news


James McKeown, Head of Global Marketing at UCFB joining SMMEX 2017 Line-up!

James McKeown, Head of Global Marketing at UCFB will be joining our SMMEX 2017 line-up.

A sports nut who fortunately found a career in the sector, James leads the marketing function at trailblazing higher education institution UCFB. Having joined as its Wembley Stadium base launched in 2014, he has since relished his role in the company’s unprecedented growth to three iconic stadium campuses and a more than doubling in its sports degree students.

Having previously marketed athletes, teams, brands and events for the likes of British Athletics, the NBA and UFC, James is passionate about improving the promotion and professionalisation of sport. A former pro basketballer in the British Basketball League, the Aussie-British dual national is now happily retired and largely injury free. 

James will be joined by Danny Stroud to speak on ‘Rapid Growth and Success in The Sports Industry’.

The business of sport has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Identifying a niche in one of the fastest developing sectors across the globe, UCFB was founded in 2011 as the world’s first higher education institution specifically producing graduates for the ever expanding, increasingly professionalised football and sport industries.

Five years since its first cohort began their university degrees, UCFB has seen student numbers grow from 50 to 1,500 and an expansion to three campuses inside Wembley Stadium, Manchester’s Etihad Stadium and Burnley FC’s Turf Moor.

UCFB’s James McKeown and Danny Stroud – himself a graduate of UCFB – will discuss the challenges and opportunities for a rapidly growing business in the sport sector, as well as how modern graduates are trained to instantly excel in the industry.


Stuart Abbott, CEO of Dassi Bikes Joining SMMEX 17 Seminar Line-Up

Stuart Abbott, CEO of Dassi will be joining our SMMEX 2017 line-up.

Stuart Abbott is CEO of Dassi Limited, the only UK manufacturer of carbon frame road bikes. Stuart’s background is in aerospace design and manufacturing having worked for many years at Rolls Royce in the early part of his career.

Stuart also worked in management consultancy and the chemicals industry before founding Dassi. Inspired by fresh ideas and bold approaches, Dassi’s vision is to deliver the most sought after luxury bike brand delivering unparalleled levels of innovation to define a new era in British bike manufacturing.

Stuart’s session will focus on how to build a brand, to catch him speak join us on Monday 6th March, at Wembley Stadium. 


Brentford FC's Cliff Crown Joining SMMEX 2017 Line-Up!

We are excited to announce Cliff Crown will be joining our SMMEX 2017 seminar line-up.

Cliff Crown is a chartered accountant who specialised for 15 years in advising owner managed businesses primarily in the media space.

After a career spanning 29 years as a partner in leading firms of accountants in London, Cliff left private practice in 2010 to become CFO of a group of companies owned by Matthew Benham who was at that time a minority shareholder in Brentford.

One of his early tasks was to represent Matthew on the Board and subsequently Cliff advised Matthew to exercise his option to take control of the club which he did in 2012. Cliff became a Director of the club and one year later succeeded Greg Dyke as Chairman following Greg’s appointment as Chairman of the FA.

The club have thrived over the last 7 years moving from League 2 to establishing themselves as a top 10 club in the Championship.

In July 2016 Cliff was appointed to the Board of the EFL as one of 3 Championship representatives.

Cliff will be speaking on ‘Running a Football Club as a Business’ at 12:30 pm in Wembley Stadium on Monday 6th March.


Kelvyn Gardner Returning to SMMEX in 2017!

We are delighted to be welcoming Kelvyn Gardner back to speak at SMMEX in 2017.

Kelvyn has been involved in the international licensing business for over thirty years. A graduate of King’s College, London, his early business career led him into marketing and licensing with Italian children’s collectables company, Panini. After a successful period there Kelvyn and three colleagues started Merlin Publishing in 1989 to market licensed stickers and trading cards. The company grew throughout Europe and in just five years annual sales reached US $80 million. Merlin was the UK’s fastest-growing private company in 1995.

Since 1998 Kelvyn has worked as a consultant in the licensing industry through his company, Asgard Media. Clients include Yoplait, The Topps Company and Finsbury Food Group. At the 2013 Licensing Awards in London, Kelvyn was presented with the Honorary Achievement Award for his work in licensing. Kelvyn has spoken at conferences in London, Manchester, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Delhi, Seoul and Tokyo. He speaks good Italian, competent French and Spanish, and basic conversational Japanese.

Since 2006 he has held the mantle of Managing Director of the UK division of LIMA, the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association. Kelvyn is also a trustee of the Light Fund, the licensing industry's independent charity.

Kelvyn will be running a session on the ‘Introduction to Licensing’. In this session Kelvyn will cover all the basics of licensing enabling attendees to understand how the business is structured, how licensing deals work financially and the process of creating licensed products. There will also be some statistical information about the size of the UK and international licensing markets from LIMA research.

Catch Kelvyn speak at SMMEX on Monday 6th March at Wembley Stadium. 


British Rowing's Sophie Galasinski Confirmed as SMMEX 2017 Speaker!

Sophie Galasinski is Head of Communications and Marketing at British Rowing. She is responsible for communications and marketing activity for the sport of rowing, from grass-roots participation in England through to GB’s national rowing teams, sports governance and administration.

Prior to her role at British Rowing, Sophie had over six years’ experience in corporate and consumer communications, insights and research. She has worked for, and on behalf of, several blue chip and high profile organisations including Deloitte, the City of London Corporation, VisitBritain, Standard Life Investments, and eBay. 

Sophie will be speaking as part of a group seminar session alongside England Squash, England Netball, England Handball and England Athletics. You can catch this session at 1:30 pm on Monday 6th March.


Director of Marketing & Commercial at England Netball, Matt Cook, Confirmed to Speak at SMMEX 2017!

Director of Marketing & Commercial at England Netball, Matt Cook, will be joining the SMMEX 2017 seminar line-up!

Matt has worked in the sports industry for the past 16 years, working across rights holders, sponsors and agencies in a number of sports. 

With just over two years in the role Director of Marketing & Commercial at England Netball, he has learnt the real benefit of the unique position that netball holds within female sport. 

After gaining an MBA in Football Industries, Matt worked for the Football Association before moving to work on the home nations’ sponsorships at Nationwide Building Society, including the England Team sponsorship and as one of the FA’s five partners, taking in the FA Cup and women’s football. 

He has since run the sponsorship programmes for Wickes, Rank Interactive (Blue Square), Sportingbet and prior to England Netball working as a consultant to set up Sky Bet’s title partnership of the Football League.

Matt will be taking part in a group seminar session that will focus on ‘Working Together’. This session will also include representatives from England Squash, England Handball, England Athletics and British Rowing.  The seminar will feature examples from the panel where working with other sporting organisations and manufacturers has paid dividends and brought wider recognition of the sport and its enthusiasts.


This session will take place at 1:30pm on Monday 6th March at Wembley Stadium. 


Darren Bernstein from England Squash Confirmed to Speak at SMMEX 2017!

Darren Bernstein, Director of Marketing and Communications at England Squash will be joining our SMMEX 2017 seminar line-up.

Darren joined England Squash as Director of Marketing and Communications in June 2015, having joined from The Football Association where he was Business Support Manager for 6 years. He has overseen the rebrand of the organisation incorporating new visual identity and values in order to bring about a change in perception of the sport and increase participation.

Darren will be taking part in a group seminar session that will focus on ‘Working Together’. This session will also include representatives from England Netball, England Handball, England Athletics and British Rowing.  The seminar will feature examples from the panel where working with other sporting organisations and manufacturers has paid dividends and brought wider recognition of the sport and its enthusiasts.

Catch Darren in this group session at 1:30pm on Monday 6th March at Wembley Stadium. 


UCFB's Danny Stroud Confirmed as SMMEX 2017 Speaker!

Next year at SMMEX we will be joined by UCFB’s Complementary Curriculum & Employability Manager, Danny Stroud. Danny’s role covers both the UCFB Wembley and UCFB Etihad Campus. Speaking with Danny will be UCFB colleague James McKeown. The two will discuss UCFB's Brand Growth and Multi-Layered Partnerships.

A UCFB graduate and now member of the staff at UCFB, Danny manages UCFB’s Employability Partnerships, coving a number of areas in the unique Complementary Curriculum offering at the institution. Working on linking the institution with potential employers and placement providers for its students, Danny has noticed the fantastic brand growth of UCFB in recent years; pushing students to the four corners of the world in a number of jobs and sporting organisations.

Danny and James will be speaking at Wembley Stadium on Monday 6th March 2017.


Meet SMMEX 2017 Speaker, England Athletics Dean Hardman!

We are excited to announce that Dean Hardman, Head of Business Development and Communications at England Athletics will be joining our SMMEX seminar line-up once again in 2017.

Dean is responsible for England Athletics’ business partnerships and also oversees a department that covers membership services, communications, events and business development activity.

Dean will be bringing his expertise and knowledge to SMMEX, taking part in a group seminar session that will focus on ‘Working Together’. This session will also include representatives from England Netball, England Handball, England Squash and British Rowing.  The session will feature examples from the panel where working with other sporting organisations and manufacturers has paid dividends and brought wider recognition of the sport and its enthusiasts.

Catch Dean in this group session at 1:30pm on Monday 6th March at Wembley Stadium. 


Al Keck Founder and Managing Director of Infinity Nation Joins SMMEX 2017 Seminar Programme

Al Keck Founder and Managing Director of Infinity Nation will be joining us at SMMEX 2017 to speak on ‘How to Find Gold in Your Customer Database’.

Infinity Nation is one of the leading e-commerce digital agencies in the South meaning Al really knows how to make websites and online marketing work commercially.

He has been a senior figure in digital marketing for over 17 years, winning awards for digital strategy. He has helped grow many sports and lifestyle brands including Cotswold Outdoor, Rapha, Trekwear and Weird Fish. As an approved Growth Accelerator Coach Al regularly advises businesses, on how they can grow through digital strategies.

With over 17 years of experience, Al has seen first-hand the rise of digital marketing and how it has changed the face of retail forever.

Catch Al speak at Wembley Stadium on Monday 6th March 2017 at SMMEX International.


Sainsbury's John Carolan will be Joining Our SMMEX 2017 Seminar Line-Up!

John Carolan will be joining us again at SMMEX International.  John will be speaking on ‘Licensing in Retail’, drawing from his many years of experience within the industry.

John is a Childrenswear clothing and licensing market expert , with over 25 years focusing on designing,buying ,sourcing and managing ranges in many UK and European retailers.

After his career started out in C&A UK and then C&A Europe ( Ebsco) for 12 years , John moved in Childrenswear specialists Adam’s as buying manager and then into iconic global Childrens brand Mothercare in 2004 as part of the turnaround senior team to take the brand to a global market.

Further to time at global internet and fashion specialist Next as Product Direct of Childrenswear , John moved to start-up clothing under the Tu brand at Sainsbury’s in 2008. Following eight years of strong growth the brand now sits in the top ten retailers for clothing in the UK

John is a great believer in the power of retailers partnering with product licences to help grow the product choice offer in a range ,as well as drive being at the forefront of the hearts and minds of their customer as to what excites their mission to shop.    

Catch John speak at SMMEX 2017 on Monday 6th March at Wembley Stadium.


Meet SMMEX 2017 Speaker and CEO of British eSports Association, Chester King!

Chester King is a co-owner of the International Group of companies, which was founded in 1964. International Group has worked in 52 countries and completed 480 healthcare, leisure and sporting projects. Clients have included 24 Governments, 3 Royal Families, United Nations, the Football Association, the Miami Dolphins and Wanda Group.

Chester has over 24 years senior management experience within the advertising, marketing, sports, eSports and leisure industries. Chester also sits on the Advisory Board of MARV Films, which is best know for the motion pictures; Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Chester is the CEO of the eGames Group, which created The eGames, an international eSports competition where pro gamers represent their country for medals and not prize money. The eGames was showcased in Rio 2016 alongside the Olympics within British House (

Chester also founded the ‘British eSports Association’ – a new not for profit national body for eSports in the UK (

Chester will be presenting a session on marketing within eSports on Monday 6th March at SMMEX 2017! 


Thank you to everyone!

We would love to say a huge thank you to all our exhibitors, visitors and speakers. We are so happy with how the show turned out; it couldn’t have been made possible without all of you. We saw an extended seminar programme with an outstanding array of speakers, once again a brilliant selection of exhibitors, and of course great quality visitors. Hope to see you all at SMMEX 2017!

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