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  • Dimensions
  • Area
  • Price + VAT
954.00m x 2.00m8sqm£2360
1053.00m x 2.00m6sqm£1770
1113.50m x 4.00m14sqm£4130
267see plan18sqm£5310

All sites are fully carpeted and come complete with full modular shell scheme. The walls of the shell scheme are covered in a grey Nyloop material which accepts all Velcro mounted display boards, product and photographs. One fluorescent fitting is provided for every 6sqm of floor space booked. Any additional electrics or panels required can be ordered in advance on the Exhibitors' Questionnaire.

NB: Shell scheme panel dimensions are 1000mms wide x 2440mms high with a 30cms fascia board on all Level One sites.All Level Two stands (i.e. those with stand numbers 210 - 269) will have shell scheme which measures 1000mms wide x 2250mms high, with a 20cms fascia board.

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